We provide an array of consulting services in System Center Operations Manager (SCOM); including advisory, development, design & implementation, and support services.

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Our goal is to deliver practical, meaningful solutions that are based on your vision. We do this by developing reliable monitoring packs and multi-purpose dashboards, and providing knowledgeable advisory services you can trust.

Featured Services

Browse the tabs below to see highlights of our services. Contact us at info [at] scomskills [dot] com for more information.

  • We offer pre-built dashboards, which cover the most common needs for many customers. We can also create a fully customized solution that is tailored around your requirements.

    • Our pre-built dashboard solutions include:
      • A simple dashboard builder feature
        • Enables static content generation for centralized portals and large display cases
        • Enables dynamic content generation for ad-hoc views
      • Compatibility with most popular browsers
        • Internet Explorer®
        • Chrome™
        • Firefox®
        • Safari®
      • Delivered to you in the form of a management pack - all you need to do is install it!
      • No additional software or licensing you need to pay for!
      • Instant feedback of application or service state
      • Insightful information for application stakeholders in a single pane
      • High-level availability and service level information for management
    • We can customize dashboards to fit these scenarios:
      • Showcase select data in a public-facing, large screen display
      • Take your visual concept, and bring it to life in a visually appealing way
      • Display specific types of data and objects, and bring it all together in a single pane
  • Let's face it - there isn't a monitoring pack for everything, and some monitoring packs need a little help to provide better coverage. We understand this, and will work with your teams to fill the gaps and deliver a reliable monitoring experience.

    • What you can expect with a monitoring pack development engagement:
      • Project leadership during the requirements gathering process
      • A scope of work, development plan, and project timeline
      • Regular communication with stakeholders throughout the development lifecycle
      • Coordination with your operational staff during testing procedures
      • A final monitoring pack that is sealed with a private key that only you will own
      • Optional extended support available after final delivery
    • We develop monitoring packs for just about every scenario, including:
      • Applications that run on Windows® operating systems
      • Applications that run on UNIX and Linux operating systems
      • Network devices and peripherals
      • Web pages and applications
      • Distributed services and applications
      • Workflows requiring synthetic transactions
  • UNIX, Linux, and network device monitoring is packed with features in SCOM 2012. We've implemented several cross-platform monitoring environments with SCOM, so you can have piece of mind that our experienced consultants will be ready to have this conversation with your teams.

    Let us bring the show to you and demonstrate these features and capabilities to your staff - the choice will be clear!

    • Highlights of UNIX and Linux monitoring include:
      • Monitoring of core services and hardware state
      • Collection of network interface and core process statistics
      • Monitoring of key configuration items
      • Native monitoring support for most platforms:
        • AIX 5.3, 6.1, and 7.1
        • HP-UX 11i v2, and 11i v3 (PA-RISC & IA 64)
        • RHEL 4, 5, and 6
        • Solaris 9, 10, and 11
        • SLES 10 and 11
        • Debian, Ubuntu, and CentOS
      • We can also help configure monitoring of "unsupported" systems that are not listed above
    • Highlights of network device monitoring include:
      • Port statistics collection, health state, and availability monitoring
      • Device processor and memory utilization statistics and health monitoring
      • Network topology map, showing which computers are connected to which device
        • This can help dramatically reduce triage time of network-related problems
      • VLAN and HSRP group health
  • A great design is absolutely essential for high availability, performance, and resiliency. Our advice is, don't walk this path without an experienced SCOM architect as your guide.

    We've architected some of the largest SCOM environments around, and other consultants call on us for feedback on their design drafts. We want to be a part of this important process, so you'll be setup for success!

    What you can expect from us:

    • Project leadership during the requirements gathering process
    • A scope of work, deployment plan, and project timeline will be provided to stakeholders
    • We will coordinate with your server and operations teams throughout the engagement
    • Post-installation tasks will be worked with your server and operations teams
    • Operational readiness training is provided for your entire staff (see training tab)
    • Extended support options are available upon project completion
  • We deliver private, public, and online training events covering all the topics necessary to:

    • Design, install, and configure a new management group
    • Understand best practices for managing SCOM
    • Troubleshoot unhealthy agents, discovery problems, and monitoring workflows
    • Install and manage UNIX and Linux agents, and network devices
    • Develop custom monitoring, reports, and dashboards

    There are two different types of tracks - one for operational readines, the other for monitoring pack development. Below are some highlights of what's covered in each track.

    Operational Readiness

    • Server roles
      • Databases
      • Management servers
      • Gateway servers
      • Report server
      • Core services
    • Security features
      • Required & optional accounts
      • "UNIX/Linux" accounts
      • Database security
      • Runas accounts & profiles
      • User roles
    • Administration
      • Groomin settings
      • Alert resolution states
      • Heartbeat settings
      • Discovering Windows agents
      • Discovery "UNIX/Linux" agents
      • Discovering network devices
      • User role scoping
      • Resource pools
      • Notification channels
    • Monitoring
      • Understanding view types
      • Discovered inventory
      • Health explorer navigation
      • Exploring alert details
      • Alert lifecycle
      • Console & agent tasks
      • My workspace
      • Generic reports library
    • Authoring
      • Creating groups
      • Management pack templates
      • Performance collection rule
      • Event detection rule
      • Create a task
      • Discover a class property
      • Two-state performance monitor

    *contact us to build a customized training experience for your company

About Us

We are a one-stop shop for anything related to SCOM. Our goal is to deliver practical, meaningful solutions that are based on your vision. We want to demystify SCOM by openly sharing knowledge and offering advice based on the KISS principle.

Jonathan Almquist, Principal Consultant & Founder

Thank you for visiting the SCOMskills website! A little about me - I started my career in technology during the dot-com bubble as a MIS Manager for Activar, an acquisitions and holding company based in Minneapolis. I quickly learned a lot about information systems, but hadn't focused on anything in particular until I started working with Microsoft Operations Manager 2005.

During the advent of System Center Operations Manager 2007, Microsoft asked me to join their Premier Field Engineering team for SCOM - this is when I truly discovered my specialization. After five years of being in an advisory role to several of the top ten Fortune 500 companies, as well as contributing to the System Center 2012 Operations Manager Unleashed book, I'm in a unique position to do what I enjoy through SCOMskills. Ever since, I've helped several companies in management pack development, management group design and deployment, and operational and management pack development training.


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